Resources > Quickstarts


Create a call forwarding

learn how to create a simple call forward flow.

Setup a basic 3 option IVR

get more in depth and learn how to create IVRs

Add recordings/voicemail

stay in touch with your callers by adding voicemail

Setup Call Queues

create call queues to better manage your incoming call flow.

Setup a Pin Conference

create a basic pin conference using lineblocs

Create a Pinless Conference

create a basic pinless conference using lineblocs

Setup an extension

learn how to provision an extension for use with a softphone or supported hard phone

Call Screening

learn how to create call screenings using Lineblocs

Using macros to check for business hours

learn how to use lineblocs macros to customize your call flows using typescript code.

Create a cold transfer

learn how to use extension codes to make on call transfers between extensions

Saving widget templates

learn how to save a widget as a template for later use

Provisioning A GXP2160

learn how to use Lineblocs to provision Grandstream GXP21XX series phones

Reference Integration: ExecLine conferencing

learn how to create a complex small business conferencing workflow using lineblocs